About us


MappedPK was born out of love for city maps. Bringing aesthetics and love of maps together, these maps are a reminder of our identity and a symbol of expressing our connection to places we belong to. They connect people to their roots, to each other and to places travelled far and wide.

Zahra Dhanji, an architecture student at Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture wanted to make road maps for her friends as they shared a mutual love for maps. These maps took on a life of their own and Pakistanis from all over the world started asking her to make maps of different cities.

Passionate about exploring different mediums and ideas, MappedPK is now offering many styles and sizes of city and country maps, with many options for personalisation.

Collaborate with US

We are always interested in PR and all types of collaborations. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via Contact Form or on Whatsapp